Alabama-born, ghetto dweller

Alabama-born, ghetto dweller Modesty XO became a apermanent fixture on the local Hip-Hop scene more than a decade ago. Modesty’s reach has far surpassed the boundaries of Birmingham. With a string of regionally distributed mixtapes hosted by highly praised turntable technicians DJ Infamous and DJ Smallz, Modesty is set to take the world by storm aided by his bubbling, new single “No Days Off" feat. Attitude & Jabo. His grind has been recognized with a nomination for an Ozone Award for Patiently Waiting Birmingham in 2008. And he officially staked his claim in the game with his own label Driven Entertainment in collaboration DJ Infamous-hosted mixtape 24/7Grindin Chapter 1: Necessary By Any Means. He solidified his stay in 2009 with DJ Smallz-hosted mixtape Hustler Muzik.He also co-wrote the lyrics for song “Dope Boy Lean,” which appeared on Tyler Perry’s 2008 comedy Meet The Browns. Modesty Xo strives to continually make his mark on the hip-hop scene.